WITCH - Lukombo Vibes

TEAL | ZTZ 7 | 1976

Lead Guitar, Vocals & Percussion: Chris “Kims” Mbewe
Bass: Gedeon “Giddy King” Mwamulenga
Drums, Percussion & Vocals: Boyd “Star MacBoyd” Sinkala
Lead Vocals & Percussion: Emmanuel “Jagari” Chanda
Keyboards: Cosmos Zani

Recorded at Sapra Studios (Nairobi, Kenya)
Sound Engineer: Detef Degener
Produced by Teal Record Company
Arranged by WITCH Label & Cover Design: Mike Greig

A1. Thou Shalt Not Cry
A2. Bleeding Thunder
A3. Devil's Flight
A4. Blood Donor
B1. Nasauka
B2. Evening Of My Life
B3. Kangalaitoito
B4. See-Saw

Dusty Groove:
The fourth album from Zambian psych-prog-funk greats Witch! Lukombo Vibes finds the group conjuring up more African sounds than on their earlier records – but it’s still stirring it up from a globally flavoured cauldron. The keyboards as spacey and out there as ever – done with a proggy funk feel that’s totally great. The bass lines are killer too, and overall they’re blending Afro rhythms with global rock as compellingly and uniquely as ever here. Tracks include “Thou Shalt Not Cry,” “Bleeding Thunder,” “Devil’s Flight,” “Blood Donor,” “Nasauka,” “Evening Of My Life,” “See-Saw” and “Kangalaitoito.”

Strawberry Rain Music:
Probably the most progressive album I’ve heard from WITCH. Not as cheerful as Lazy Bones, which is ideal for me. “See Saw” is the highlight, but really there aren’t any weak tunes. Even “Nasauka,” a non-English tune with Afrobeat undertones still manages to find its progressive nature through an extensive organ solo, and in some ways my favourite song on this one. Interesting since you don’t get anything of this sort from Lazy Bones, Introduction or In The Past. Really good stuff, especially since it’s somewhat unique when compared to the other WITCH rock offerings.

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