RIKKI ILILONGA - Sunshine Love


Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards, Congos & Percussion: Rikki Ililonga
Bass: Peter Giraudo & Rikki Ililonga
Drums: Sparky Behrens & Rikki Ililonga

Recorded at Sapra + Phonogram Studios (Nairobi, Kenya)
Engineer: Detef Degener
Sleeve Design: Prakash Lalloo

A1. Take It Light
A2. Ulemu
A3. Angel Black
A4. Munzi Wa Kangwanda
A5. Working On The Wrong Thing
B1. Sunshine Love
B2. Lovely Woman
B3. Lock Mice'elf Away
B4. Love Is The Only Way

Leonard Koloko (Zambian Music Legends):
Rikki’s second album, Sunshine Love, features tracks that mostly have a tilt towards western music both in lyrical content and sound. Songs like “Angel Black,” “Love is the Only Way,” “Working on the Wrong Thing,” “Ulemu” and “Munzi Wa Kangwanda” were lovely hits for both the young and the old. The song “Ulemu” touches on the need to respect each other’s occupations. It matters less whether one is a cleaner, waiter or fishmonger; they all deserve respect for their service to humanity. “Munzi Wa Kangwanda” tells a sad story of how some traditions could be retrogressive. A girl comes of age and is taken into initiation seclusion as per tradition. During the seclusion she is not to take a bath nor speak but listen to her tutors on sex and life matters. Due to these unhygienic conditions, she dies.

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