MIKE NYONI - Kawalala

CHRIS EDITIONS | CL 003 | 1977

Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar & Vocals with little help from Friends: Mike Nyoni
Bass: Lawrence Chindefu
Drums: Tamara Kebedle

Recorded at Sapra Studios (Nairobi, Kenya) in March 1977
Producer: Chris Siwila Ndhlovu
Cover Design: Lawrence Chindefu

A1. Soweto (Nyoni)
A2. Lonely Child (Nyoni)
A3. Niyenda Kumudzi (Nyoni)
A4. Give Me A Chance (Nyoni)
A5. Coming Home (Nyoni)
B1. S.M. (Nyoni)
B2. It's Only A Dream (Nyoni)
B3. Napolo (Che Blacky)
B4. My Own Thing (Nyoni's Thing) (Nyoni)
B5. Kawalala (Nyoni)

Liner Notes:
Well Brothers and Sisters at last you are holding a record which is gonna fill your sense of music with joy if not with sorrow. Thanking Professor Carl Martin of Nairobi University very much for what he did to make this LP a reality.

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