PAUL NGOZI - The Ghetto


Lead Guitar & Vocals: Paul Ngozi
Bass: Tommy Mwale
Drums: Chrissy Zebby Tembo

Recorded at Sapra Studios (Nairobi, Kenya)
Engineer: George Fombe
Cover Illustration: Sam Lungu
Design & Art Direction: Norman Muntemba
Producer/Director: A.K. Moyo
A Motaxis Music & Arts Promotions Production

A1. In The Ghetto
A2. Help Me
A3. Anasoni
A4. Who Will Know
B1. Suicide
B2. Bamayo
B3. Can't You Hear Me
B4. Ulesi Tileke
B5. Jesus Christ

Liner Notes:
Motaxis Music & Arts Promotions have pleasure in presenting The Ghetto, Paul Ngozi’s first Motaxis Music & Arts Promotions production and hope you’ll enjoy listening to the first hand account of what living in a ghetto is like from this man, who himself once lived in a ghetto, the man who pulled himself from obscurity. So, here, then is a chart buster exclusively from Motaxis Music & Arts Promotions.

Ben Phiri (Times of Zambia):
With his trade mark dreadlocks and donning very tight jeans in the brands of Lois, Brutus, Levis, Ranger, Seamark and Wrangler with dazzling upper garments and high heeled shoes popularly known as “Galagatas” or sharp pointed ones such as those popularised by musician and movie star John Travolta, Paul was a man who was in his own world shaping up his own style of music and fashion. This went with his stage gimmick characterised with playing the guitar with front teeth and sometimes making the guitar cry wildly like an animal. His guitar works were the likes of rock bands like Deep Purple, Grand Funk, Jimmy Hendrix, Black Sabbath, AC/DC or Thin Lizzy to mention only but a few.

Shadoks Music:
Paul Ngozi (ngozi means “danger”) with his band gave a popular voice to what later was called Zamrock, a cool fusion of older African rhythms and 70s rockish underground modes – never too polished but with a tightness that might have made Anglo groups up in London sit up and take notice. The guitars are razor-sharp here which sounds great next to the harder rhythms at the bottom and the album’s mix of English and Zambian lyrics.

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