TEAL | RILP 3 | 1977

Voices, Guitars & Percussion: Rikki Ililonga
Bass, ARP 2600 Synthesizer, Transport & Overall ‘Boss’: Peter Giraldo
ARP Synthesizer, Organ & Good Humour: Francis Njorege
Drums & Smiles & Silence: Franco Otieno
Choir Voices on “Prayer for Soweto”: Tutuga Yeni

Recorded at Sapra Studios (Nairobi, Kenya)
Engineer: Detef Degener
Re-Mix: Detef Degener & Rikki Ililonga
Cover Design: Mike Greig
A Teal Record Production

A1. Love Is So Strange
A2. You Got The Fire
A3. My Destiny
A4. Soweto
a. Prayer for Soweto
b. Soweto
c. Blow Your Mind
d. Soweto Explosion
B1. Shebeen King
B2. Fire High
B3. Sunshine Queen
B4. Afri-Koko

Liner Notes:
P.S. This record should be played at speaker shattering volume. Especially if you’re doing the deep shaft horizontal mambo. Have fun! – Rikki

Leonard Koloko (Zambian Music Legends):
Enjoying massive popularity, Rikki added a third album titled Soweto in 1977. With a full colour cover depicting him behind bars, the album was dedicated to the 1976 Soweto Uprising in South Africa. The title track was divided into four segments; a South African hymn, the song, a chorus and explosions. Rikki was at his poetic best.

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