WITCH - Witch (Including Janet)

TEAL | WIT 2 | 1977

Lead Guitar & Vocals: Chris Mbewe
Second Guitar & Vocals: John Muma
Bass & Vocals: Gedeon Mulenga
Drums & Vocals: Boidi Sinkala
Lead Vocalist: Jagari Chanda
Keyboards: Slim Ali
Percussion: Alex Kunda

Recorded at Sapra Studios (Nairobi, Kenya)
Recording Engineer: George Fwombe
Assisted by Shaddick Bwalya
Produced by Shaddick Bwalya
Photography & Design by Pilcher Graphics

A1. Janet
A2. As Days Go By
A3. Ntedelakumbi
A4. In Flight
A5. Nazingwa
B1. Silver Lady
B2. Anyinamwana
B3. Mama Feel Good
B4. The Way I Feel

Leonard Koloko (Zambian Music Legends):
With Zam-Rock now the in thing on the music scene, the Witch embraced it and subsequent hit single releases were in that genre as was the fifth album, which was titled WITCH [aka Including Janet]. The album carried tracks like “Nazingwa,” “Janet,” “Ntedelakumbi” and “Anyinamwana.” At the time they were releasing WITCH, front man and vocalist Jagari Chanda had divided loyalty. He had enrolled at Evelyn House College to pursue the Music Teacher’s Diploma course, which was quite demanding and reduced his contact time with the band. Alex Kunda had also moved in and contributed a lot to the Zam-Rock feel of the album.

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