DR. FOOTSWITCH - Liquid Iron


Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar: Dr. Footswitch
Bass Guitar: Ricky Banda
Drums: Goodwin Mwangilwa

Design: Alex Mwilwa
Producer: Andre Abrahamse
Executive Producer: Goodson Nguni

A1. I'll Satisfy Your Soul (T. Jagger)
A2. Girls Make The Scene (T. Jagger)
A3. I Heard The News (T. Jagger)
A4. Don't Cut My Hair (T. Jagger)
B1. I Need You (T. Jagger)
B2. Everyday I See You (R. Banda)
B3. You Don't Know (R. Banda)
B4. Otenta (R. Banda)

Liner Notes:
The day Dr. Footswitch started to play at a pleasure resort was the start of superstar image surrounding that top singer/composer Dr. Footswitch and that bass player Ricky Banda. The two asked Zambia’s number 1 drummer to join them and as a result a revolution in music. Dr. Footswitch is himself a great performer on stage. In Ndola, Goodwin Mwangilwa joined to make Liquid Iron… P.S. You are holding the first L.P. by Zambians recorded in U.S.A.

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