WITCH // "Strange Dream" Lyrics

Drifting on the Nile with Marian
In a small boat feeling free
Searching for a place at the shore to hide my face
And life felt so nice

Sat under the mountain, seeing water run
And we saw snails being caught
All of a sudden the Devil kissed my face
Oh! She was gone

Where are you going, leaving me alone?
Come and get me out of this place

Drowning in the wilderness, I had no choice
And I’m feeling cold, what a loss
Looked around and I saw there was no place to hide
Oh! Where am I?

Thinking of the ancient kings lying in the tombs
Come and get me out of this place

I woke up in the morning, she was lying beside me
When I realised she was a dream
With this strange, strangest little dream of mine
Oh! My soul was gone

Oh! Where am I?
Oh! My nightmare
Oh! It’s a dream

“Strange Dream” from Lazy Bones (1975)
Written & Composed by Jagari Chanda & Gedeon Mulenga

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