WITCH - Kuomboka


Vocals: Patrick Chisembele
Guitar & Backing Vocals: Chris Mbewe
Bass: Gideon Mulenga
Drums: Peter Lungu
Synthesizer, Electric Piano, Strings , Vocals & Percussion: Patrick Mwondela
Vocals, Backing Vocals & Percussion: Shaddick Bwalya

Recorded at Shed Studios (Harare, Zimbabwe)
Engineer: Steve Roskilly
Producers: Shaddick Bwalya & R. Nganga
Produced for R.N. Music Promotions (Lusaka, Zambia)

A1. Erotic Delight (S. Bwalya)
A2. I Can Do Without You (P. Chisembele)
A3. Believer Ma Lover (S. Bwalya)
A4. Kuomboka (S. Bwalya)
B1. Come Together (G. Mulenga)
B2. More Sweat Than Sweet (S. Bwalya)
B3. I Wanna See The Light (P. Mwondela)
B4. Jah Let The Sun Shine (C. Mbewe/P. Chisembele)

Afrosynth Records:
During the 80s, WITCH couldn’t escape the charm of synthesizer-driven funk. Their 1984 release Kuomboka, named after a traditional water ceremony, was recorded in Harare and produced by Shaddick Bwalya, the driving forced behind the band. Over ten musicians, most listed as “guests,” contributed on this tight and irresistibly sexed-up album. Tracks like “Erotic Delight,” “Believe Me Lover,” “Come Together” and “More Sweat Than Sweet” set the groove.

Austin Kaluba (UK Zambians):
The WITCH answered the disco music onslaught by radically departing from the Zamrock for which it was known. The band incorporated new members like Patrick Chisembele, Alex Kunda from Musi-O-Tunya, Patrick Mwondela and Masauko Mwale. The band still had old members like Chris Mbewe on lead and Gideon Mulenga on bass. This album features Jah Let The Sun Shine sung by Patrick Chisembele, who later styled himself as the “Michael Jackson of Zambia.”

Steve Roskilly (Shed Studios Engineer):
The WITCH albums were most enjoyable projects and mostly because the band was generally well organised and their arrangements well rehearsed before they got to the studio. There’s nothing worse than the poor engineer having to hang around killing time whilst a band gets their arrangement, or in some cases writing, together. With the great WITCH there was none of that since they knew where they were going with the music. They didn’t always all appear at the same time but would schedule different sessions for brass overdubs etc.

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