SALTY DOG - Salty Dog

ZAMBEZI | ZTZ 8 | 1976

Lead Vocals: Jackie Mumba | Norman Muntemba
Guitars: Jackie Mumba
Bass: Norman Muntemba
Drums: Hassan Hassan | Alex Mwilwa

Recorded at dB Studios (Lusaka, Zambia)
Engineers: Peter & Nikki
Illustration: Trevor Ford
Design: Norman Muntemba
A Teal Record Company Product

A1. Fast
A2. Mama
A3. See The Storm
A4. Down In My Shoes
A5. Try A Little Harder
B1. Tisauke
B2. Sunshine In My Hair
B3. Have You Got It
B4. Doggy Rock
B5. Lullaby

Leornard Koloko (Zambian Music Legends):
The name may not be very appetising but this was one of the most enterprising bands of their time. They specialised in classic rock and released one self-titled album under Teal. Norman Muntemba, who was a member of the outfit, also designed the cover depicting a a cartoon dog salivating and licking its lips. The three-man band was formed at Zambia National Service Camp in Kabwe and featured Jackie Mumba on lead guitar.

Strawberry Rain Music:
One of the most obscure albums of the Zamrock period, this self-titled psychedelic long-player from Zambia was recorded privately without any pressure from the record label. Modelled after the Jimi Hendrix Experience, with a name that is slang for “sperm,” the three-piece band recorded the album at dB Studios in Lusaka in 1976. Full of killer guitar, English vocals and great songwriting.

Strawberry Rain joins the ranks of Shadoks and Now-Again in coaxing the evasive coelacanths of Zambian rock from the murky depths of the Zambezi River. This time it’s the face-melting fuzz of Salty Dog (circa 1976) that breaks the surface of forgetfulness to wreak havoc on unsuspecting tympanic membranes. A trio of army boys from Kabwe put the LP together and bassist-stroke-designer Norman Muntemba slapped artist Trevor Ford’s iconic hairy-eyeball mutt on the cover. Tighten your paisley tie to keep from drooling.


  1. This totally inaccurate. The band was brought together by Dr Footswitch. He got them together a brought them to me to manage and promote. Jackie worked at hospital in Lusaka and Norman worked at Lightfoot Advertising Agency. Alex was the only one that was attached to the army. So you can see that the band were not full time. I bought all the equipment and they practiced in the evening at my workshop on Cairo road. I produced the album and wrote Sunday morning sunshine and Down in my shoes. Also had a part in See the storm and Have you got it. Db recording studio was on the opposite side of Cairo rd to my shop. Apollo. We played gigs in Livingstone around Lusaka and the Copperbelt. I left Zambia in 1976 shortly after completing the album. Jackie was an incredible gifted guitarist and as was Norman on bass. Alex was also a fine drummer with excellent timing. I am also responsible for naming the band Salty Dog

  2. I’m Steve Doran I manage Salty Dog from day one until the album was completed and signed the recording contact with Teal record company on behalf of Salty Dog