NGOZI FAMILY - Heavy Connection

S.A.F. | S.A.F. 002 | 1978

Participants: Chris Zebby Tembo, Paul Ngozi & Tommy Mwale

Composed by Chris Tembo & Arranged by Ngozi Family
Recorded on 13 June 1978 at Masmore Studio (Nairobi, Kenya)
Produced by Paul Ngozi & Chris Tembo
Cover Design: Zambia Music Parlour (Ndola, Zambia)
Production Arrangements: Billie David Nyati
Musical Director/Promoter: Edward G. Khuzwayo
Manufactured & Distributed by Zambia Music Parlour Promotions

A1. Akazi
A2. Bells Of Death
A3. I Shot Her
A4. Rossie
A5. Mother
B1. Babe Come Back
B2. Born Black
B3. Bye Father
B4. Worried Man

Liner Notes:
This record can be played on stereo or mono. A lot of thanks to Zambia Music Parlour for the distribution of this album and also many thanks to Taso for directing us to the new studio.

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