BROADWAY QUINTET - Amalume (Lekani Mowa)

TEAL | ZTZ 4 | 1976

Keyboards: Tony Maonde
Lead Guitar & Vocals: Zacks Gwaze
Bass Guitar, Sax & Vocals: Simanga Tutani
Drums, Percussion & Vocals: Timothy Sikova
Congas, Rhythm Guitar & Vocals: Jonah Marumahoko
Trumpet on “Matteo” & “Nifyo Fine”: Peter Bwalya

Recorded at d.B Studios (Lusaka, Zambia)
Engineers: Graham, Nikki & Peter
Produced & Arranged by The Broadway Quintet for Teal Record Company
Cover Design: T. Ford & Gibson Tembo
Pictures: B. Nkunika

A1. Amalume
A2. Kanyange
A3. Nifyo Fine
A4. Chingoma
A5. Change Your Mind
B1. Akana Ndiwo
B2. Jiye Manguwe
B3. Matteo
B4. Kayuni
B5. Mr. Music
B6. Pimu Chinanga

Liner Notes:
They hail from such old-time groups as the Rhokana Melodies, The Crooners, De Black Evening Follies and The City Quads. It was the UNIP National Band of 1962 that brought the boys together. And they’re still together 14 years later! Tony Maonde, Zacks Gwaze, Timothy Sikova, Jonah Marumahoko, Simanga Tutani – individually, musicians of rare talent; together, The Broadway Quintet, polished night-club performers of Lusaka’s Hotel Intercontinental. But, beneath their public image there runs, like the mighty Zambezi, a creative force that explodes with originality and electrifying beauty. From vocal compositions like “Mr. Music” and “Change Your Mind” through the more traditional “Jiye Manguwe” and title-track “Amalume,” The Broadway Quintet move into instrumentals of the brilliance and vitality of “Matteo” and “Nifyo Fine.” To The Broadway Quintet we say, “Thanks for a fantastic LP.”

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